Stratiss Qatar offer cabling solutions which direct organization towards the system of wiring that facilitates the easy transmission of data, across various platforms. The cabling solutions are effective in terms of easy transmission of voice and video information, along with data transmission. A strong and robust base of contemporary networking of information is essential, which we can provide you with.

Today’s industry is based upon highly technical systems and processes, which ideally requires reliable cabling solutions to serve as a medium which facilitates complex operations of an organization. We expertise to deliver such cabling solutions that provide an efficient cable infrastructure to carry out the process of cabling with utmost precision and in an orderly manner. It helps us to thoroughly understand the requirements of the business and then deliver it within the stipulated time frame.

We are the pioneers in the field of cable structuring and are adept at offering cabling system services for both new and existing infrastructure. Also, we offer schematic options or solutions for the available infrastructure and design a secure as well as a reliable network to meet an organization’s specific needs.

We primarily focus on the quality of technical installations and aim to deliver high-quality to ensure the process installations are designed and implemented accordingly. We offer the following:


  • Our systems can consolidate the methods of cable delivery for all the communication systems, including security. They are fit to save up on the initial construction cost reduction to an extent.
  • Our certified technicians install the cabling systems and then the work is supervised by foremen who are adept at their work. Lastly, it is managed by the Project Manager.
  • We provide a system for cable solutions that not only offers consistency but are flexible in terms of vendor equipment.
  • We provide systems that are easy to build and can accommodate organizational growth or restructuring plans. Also, we take care of the expensive outage and deal with logistics.
  • Our systems are organized to facilitate troubleshooting. They are easy to identify, isolate, and correct problems with solutions
  • The cable systems developed by us can quickly adapt to new technologies. It ensures that the business can respond quickly to the changes that keep occurring in voice, multimedia, data, and security systems

We have the knowledge and expertise to help advise you on which system will best meet your needs. Stratiss Qatar provides a range of solutions including:

  • Category 7 / Category 6A / Category 6 / Category 5E Cabling
  • Structure Cabling of LAN in Local Area Computer Networks and Voice and Data Connection
  • Optic Fiber Splicing & Testing and Cable Laying
  • Power Meter Testing
  • Fiber-Optic (Single-mode, Multimode, 10GIG-MM)
  • Riser Services and Installations
  • Technical Help provider for staff at the site working for Optic Fiber & Copper Cabling
  • Open and Closed Racks Installations
  • Data Center Service & Build-outs
  • Copper & Fiber-Optic Certification Testing using Fluke Network DTX 1800 Device
  • Cabling System Design
  • Turnkey Voice/Data & Fiber Solutions for Data Centers, Factories, Offices, Commercial Complex, Residential Complex
  • Rack/Stack/Patch Services & Open and Closed Racks Cable Dressing
  • CCTV Deployment
  • Wireless Solutions & Integration
  • Project Management & Documentation