Punchdown Tool Blades


WorldLink offers a variety of blades so you can get the job done.

  • EverSharp™ blades stay sharper longer due to the special processing of the metal and blade design
  • Standard blades available for many block types including popular Krone and  BIX®
  • Keep your blades organized and secure with our unique blade storage case


WorldLink increases the versatility and flexibility of its line of impact tools by offering a wide variety of interchangeable blades that permit each tool to perform multiple functions.  From our high-performance EverSharp® blades to our unique blade storage kit cases, WorldLink has the blades you need to terminate blocks and jacks quickly.

EverSharp blades stay sharper longer
WorldLink offers three EverSharpTM Blade designs: the EverSharp 66/110 Cut Blade, the EverSharp 110 blade, and the EverSharp 66 blades. Through special processing of the metal, these high-performance blades stay sharper longer than other competitive blades. Sharper blades provide better terminations at the block, leading to quality installs. These blades fit the D914S™, D914™, D814™, and D214™ Punchdown Tools.

A unique blade storage case helps prevent loss
This unique blade storage case helps eliminate the problem of losing and damaging individual impact tool blades by keeping them together in one place. The compact size of the case makes it easy to carry in a pocket or clip onto a belt or tool pouch.