Complimentary Cloud Service

  • Enables seamless collaboration between site personnel and remote experts
  • Generate Wi-Fi site surveys using the AirMapper™ Site Survey App on EtherScope™ nXG or AirCheck™ G2
  • Reduces results management overhead for multiple testers and users
  • Simplifies report generation for network deployment documentation
  • For asset management, ability to associate serial numbers of installed devices, and/or cable/wall jack label to specific tests


Serving as a centralized test results, analysis, and tester management system, the free Link-Live™ Cloud Service transforms team workflows with the ability to quickly and easily log, document, and report test activity from all NetAlly hand-held network testers and analyzers. Once the instrument is connected to the Link-Live Cloud service, your test results are automatically uploaded to the dashboard for project management, analysis, collaboration and reporting. You have the option of uploading additional files, screenshots, images, profiles, packet captures, location information, and comments anytime. Also, certain NetAlly instruments with AllyCare Support can receive firmware updates “over the network” from Link-Live as they become available.